Renting a property in Dubai can seem like a daunting task, especially for first-time renters. Finding a rental with the aid of a top real estate brokerage can hugely decrease the stress involved in the process. At Nexus Point, we believe in empowering clients with the appropriate information they will need to rent a property in Dubai. To put this principle into action, we have compiled a guide to aid rental transactions:

Any person residing in the UAE, who has a personal current account and cheque book, can rent a property.

  • A Valid Passport copy

  • A Valid Visa copy (if you are a resident) OR

  • A letter from your employer stating that your visa is being processed

You will need to pay to register the tenancy contract with Ejari as per Article 22 of Law Number 26 of 2007. Ejari is an online portal that requires every tenant and landlord relationship to be registered, to safeguard the interests of both parties.

  • When you reserve the property, you will be required to pay the landlord a security deposit – usually the amount of one month’s rent.

  • Rents have to be paid either bi-annually or quarterly, usually in the form of a cheque addressed to your landlord.

  • After the EJARI registration, you will need to activate water and electricity utilities through the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA). You will need to provide your DEWA number – a unique reference number for your rental – and a copy of your passport and Emirates ID.

  • Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the property at the beginning of your tenancy to reinforce your claim of the security deposit at the end of your tenancy contract.

  • Make sure to enquire about furnishings. You might need to purchase certain amenities before you move in.

  • Check the access points of the building and ask for any security codes or swipe cards you may require to enter the building.

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Excellent Customer Service

A fundamental aspect of the culture at Nexus Point is the high level of customer service that is prioritized at our firm. Our attitude ensures transparent and honest services that are centred around the client


Professional Advice

At Nexus, agents are always up to date with the latest market knowledge. This safeguards the interests of our clients as they will be offered properties in the best areas with excellent value for money.


Numerous Properties

Our website lists numerous properties launched by various developers throughout Dubai for all purposes. Our team ensures that the website is regularly updated with the latest properties as soon as real estate developers announce them. All properties are listed via signed agency agreements with Nexus Point Real Estate.


Detail Oriented

Our website hosts a diverse collection of properties complete with their brochures, floor plans, facilities and lifestyle amenities listed. Clients are kept fully informed in regards to the details required to aid their decision-making process.



At Nexus Point, the entire real estate transaction carried out is always centred around the client. The client’s requirements, pace and circumstances are always taken into consideration; all decisions are well-thought-out and verified with the client.

Rentals Process

Decide on an area

The first step in the process is to decide which area in Dubai you want to rent a property in. A multitude of factors can affect this decision - distance to schools, workplaces, nightlife, retail facilities and outdoor amenities.

Decide on a housing complex

Once the area has been established, you also need to decide on the type of housing complex you want - this ranges from an apartment, villa, townhouse, penthouse or even a duplex. You may want an apartment in an urban setting, a seafront villa or a luxury duplex. You need to ensure the housing complex you wish to rent makes contextual sense in the area of your choosing.

Organise your finances

One of the most important parts of renting a property is to organise your budget. Your budget will be based on what you can afford with your income. It is essential to include the cost of utilities, cable and wifi packages into the cost of the rent. If rent is paid annually, some landlords tend to offer a slight reduction in the total cost of the rent, but monthly rent may be more convenient.

Choose an agent

The next step is to choose an agent you trust to facilitate your rental transaction. When you assign an agent from Nexus Point to guide you, you will not be let down. Priority is always given to attaining the best deal for clients and feeling empathy for their perspectives. The expertise and trust you will experience at Nexus Point are unrivalled.

Arrange viewings

Clients can book numerous viewings all over Dubai at the advice of your agent. Using Nexus Point as your agent, you will be privy to the in-house VIP concierge services and be transported to all your viewings in one of our many luxury vehicles. We will be able to provide you with a variety of properties to fit your requirements so that you can make a fully-informed decision to protect your interests.

Make an offer

Once you’ve decided on a property you like, our agents will advise you on the method and timing with which you will make your offer. In many instances, timing is crucial and can make the difference between securing your dream rental and losing out on one.

Agreeing To Rent

Once your rental offer has been accepted, you need to discuss a moving-in date with your landlord. Before you move in, you’ll need to set up water, electricity, wifi and cable. If you require any assistance with this step, our agents will be happy to guide you.


At Nexus Point, our agents will then assist you to finish the deal with the signing of the rental agreement. Once the contract is finalised, your deposit will be transferred to the landlord.

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